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a specialized shrimp

Established in 2022 as a shrimp trading company in Bali

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Size 20/30 - 91/100

About Us

Arkarina Seafood Indonesia (ASI) is a specialized shrimp processing and trading company in Indonesia. Established in 2022 as a shrimp trading company in Bali, it currently provides
products for export to various markets in Korea and Japan. Since October 2022 we got full certificate on SKP, HACCP to be able to improve the quantity standard as well as keep the
trading price stable.

How To order

Choose your product
Ask the detail to our marketing
Send us your letter of intent (LCI)
Sign and stamp our full corporate offer
Sign stamp sales and purchase contract
Send us your signed purchase order (PO)
Send us your proof of payment (DP/TT/LC)
Product will be provided and delivery immediately


We understand that the product quality is very important to our customers. Therefore, we are fully committed to implement the method of shrimp processing which meet with the national and international standards. To produce premium shrimp products with optimal quality and consistent from time to time, our experienced staff work with modern technology in a regularly monitored clean working environment.

Fresh Shrimp Cutting

The process of cutting the fresh shrimp are fresh, cutting and separating the preferred cut.

Frozen Shrimp Cutting

Frozen shrimp is and cut into sections or pieces according to customer’s order.

Lab Testing

Lab test is an objective evaluation of fish products to test according to the national and international standards to ensure that the product is suitable and safe for consumption. Lab testing are conducted periodically to
maintain consistency of product quality


The purpose of packaging is to maintain product freshness stable and secure. Combined with a good and well designed packaging, it can provide clear information and present the desired brand image

Quality Check

We are committed to provide quality shrimp products with strict controls, which include : Appearance: Bright with even freezing, products are packaged properly and packaging is not damaged. Odor: Clean, fresh smell, almost odorless

Weighing Accurately

Shrimp products are then weighed with an innovative weighing system designed to check the product weight quickly and accurately